Sejin Technical Industrial Co., Ltd. aims for the best ship interior and
has successfully performed a wide variety of projects appropriate for NORSOK Standards as the first in Korea
in the field of marine equipment and is recognized for its technology.

Accommodation Interior

Realization of interior services
that meet customer requirements

Marine furniture

Customized maritime furniture
considering characteristics of materials

Prefabricated Cabin

The best marine accommodation
system that fully meets the NORSOK Standards

Ceiling Grid

Support System that realizes
high strength and light weight


Since 1988, Sejin Technical Industrial Co., Ltd.
has been heading towards the top in Korea
and the world in the field of manufacturing
of ship furniture, cruise ship interiors,
marine engineering and prefabricated cabins

Sejin Technical Industrial Co., Ltd. always stresses
that a difference in challenge and enthusiasm
leads to a difference in competitiveness.
Business of a company is continuation of
day-to-day problem solving, and the power
to solve such problem comes from challenge
and passion of its members.

President and CEO


Sejin Technical Industrial Co., Ltd. has been
recognized for its technology by taking orders
for a variety of ships including ferry and
successful delivery of orders since its establishment.


The company shall contribute to society
by providing the best products and services based
on its outstanding personnel and skills.


Sejin Technical Industrial Co., Ltd.
is producing proper products for the quality
management systems and HSE standards.

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