It is very nice to meet you on our website. I have been with the members and employees of SEJIN Technical Industries Co., Ltd. for many years and have undergone the challenges and achievements of the company directly. The company had to visit leading companies and asked for technical support at the time of establishment. It enjoys the current fame and status in the industry thanks to efforts for continuous technology innovation and hard work and efforts of all the executives and employees. SEJIN Technical Industrial Co., Ltd. has made spectacular growth by overcoming repeating crises and taking them as an opportunity and, now, it is ready to advance beyond the limits. It will be the leading ‘Total Accommodation System’ in this field. Our employees and I will comply with the ethical and social responsibility through compliance management to the domestic and international laws and regulations and fulfill our duties as a global leader to allow harmonious coexistence of man and nature with the best products and technologies. Thank you

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  • T


    Challenge toward the TOP
    of total solution provider

  • R


    Ensure RELIABLE project

  • U


    Suggest a UNIQUE design
    for each customer

  • S


    Provide a SAFE working

  • T


    Offer TOTAL service about
    marine interior works from
    A to Z


  1. 1988 08

    SEJIN Marine Outfitting Co., Ltd. established

    • Accommodation Turn-key system
  2. 1992 02

    SEJIN Technical Industries Co., Ltd. established

    • Manufacturing and installation of LNG insulation box
    • Manufacturing metal furniture for ships
  3. 1995 07

    SEJIN Industries Co., Ltd. established

    • Accommodation Turnkey system
    • Manufacturing wooden furniture for ship
  4. 1998 07

    Obtain ISO 9001 Certificate from DNV

    • Interior works for ship Manufacturing of wooden furniture and metal furniture for ships
  5. 2003 04

    ACTOSYS Co.,Ltd established

    • Manufacturing wooden furniture for ship
  6. 2006 01

    YANGSAN FACTORY established

    • Integrated factory for manufacturing metal & wooden products for ships Manufacturing sofas and chairs for marine applications
  7. 2006 09

    Panel factory established in Yangsan

    • Manufacturing and assembly line
  8. 2006 09

    Pre-fabricated Cabin factory established in Yangsan

    • Cutting and manufacturing sections for on-board assembly
  9. 2011 07

    TNF Inexa Korea established

    • Manufacturing Wall & Ceiling panel and Pre-fabricated Cabin
  10. 2013 10

    Revised ISO 9001 & 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certificate from DNV

    • Revised ISO 14001 (2015) certificate from DNV
    • Revised ISO 9001 (2015) certificate from DNV
    • Revised OHSAS 18001 (2017) certificate from DNV
  11. 2013 10

    The best marine sub-contractor award from the 7 major korea shipyards

    • The best marine sub-contractor of the 7 major korea shipyard
  12. 2017 07

    Suntech Engineering Korea was established

    • Export management for SEJIN Technical Industries Co., Ltd.
  13. 2019 07

    Obtained ISO 45001 (2018) Certificate from DNV

    • Design and manufacture of wooden and metal furniture for ships
    • Manufacture and installation of LNG boxes and interior design and works


- SEJIN Corporate Identity The Wordmark design is described as jumping into the text and strengthening its position as a global company beyond the sea horizon. Expressing the company's needs and customer orientation symbolizes our will shown as a contemporary image.

- Watermark Commercial License In any case, when using the wordmark, the shape should not be deformed, please adhere strictly to the standard regulations. Use CI after agreement with CI management department.




    • RGB 20,40,160

      CMYK 100,80,0,0

      PANTONE 2736 C


    • RGB 255,242,104

      CMYK 0,0,69,0

    • RGB 242,139,84

      CMYK 0,5,69,0

    • RGB 230,0,126

      CMYK 0,100,0,0

    • RGB 0,186,238

      CMYK 71,0,0,0

    • RGB 0,159,227

      CMYK 100,0,0,0


The colour utilization of SEJIN Technical Industries Co., Ltd. is an essential element for forming a consistent corporate image and is a guideline for efficiently applying it for each medium. Wordmark must be clearly shown with the background color and should concerning those expressed below.